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Our Workshops and Peer-to-Peer marketing group models will help you get the thriving independent professional practice you desire.

For Healthcare Practices, we provide HIPAA compliance consultation and training.

We combine:

PDA provides practice marketing and business planning for independent professionals. Professional coaching and consulting for organizations; computer consulting and web page design complete a full service package for superlative professional development.

Who will benefit  from Practice Development Associates,  LLC?

PDA is for professionals who want to learn:

  how to have a thriving independent practice.

  effective business techniques and strategic planning.

productive networking and the use of advanced networking models.

  practical, successful marketing methods.

  essential computer techniques.

  dynamic use of the internet to build your practice.

  how to expand your client and professional referral bases.

What Practice Development Associates will do for you:

Master the skills you need to build your ideal practice.

Develop and capitalize on your unique practice vision.

Market without guilt & have the independence you desire.

Organize peer-to-peer marketing networks.

Have a larger client & referral base.

Reduce your administrative burden.

Have a better balance in your professional life.

Do what you do best: work your strengths.


We have had thriving practices for years. In that time we have been amazed that other professionals weren't doing the same. Weve met many professionals who were competent, creative, and enthusiastic in their work, but their practices struggled.

Success requires more than self-motivation, it also requires the vigorous use of well proven marketing techniques.

Building a thriving independent practice requires a clear concept of strategic planning to move you to success.

Getting your practice to thrive requires the practical application of advanced networking models to cross-link professionals in reciprocal marketing relationships.

Having the practice you want requires a broad base of peer-to-peer relationships that support each other's growth.

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Practice Development Associates, LLC

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